The Wrong Side of The Bar

ImageWhile working at my marketing and communications internship I still do bar work to earn money. It’s a love hate relationship. I love the relaxed atmosphere, socializing and general fun that can be had, but the 4am finishes and drunken idiots start to take their toll on me. 

I think bar work is a fantastic profession, and if your good at it there is definitely money to be made and fun to be had. I am rapidly approaching a point however where I’m going to need to find a job that has a more sensible schedule yet still allows me time to help out at my internship, which will hopefully lead itself to a fruitful career in content creation and marketing.

But it’s funny, I don’t really want to let go of bar work. It’s something I’ve done since I was 18 and something I can actually safely say i’m really good at. The thought of maybe applying for management positions or putting away money to eventually buy a bar of my own have crossed my mind before. And if I hadn’t gone to university I think that’s exactly what I’d do, but ever since I’ve started getting into the world of startups and marketing and found awesome ways to put the skills I learnt from my degree to use I’ve found a new passion that I’m desperate to pursue. 

So it looks like I’m going to have to pull my last pint in the imminent future, but I’m going to hold on for a few more months I think. Then, hopefully, take my place on the right side of the bar forever after.


(image courtesy of Sensibly Insane)


Interns and Startups. Match made in heaven?

It’s hard for today’s graduates. Many of us graduate into a job market obsessed with having two or three years of relevant experience and long tedious applications that don’t even give you the courtesy of a rejection email, just weeks and weeks of an empty inbox and an empty confidence.

It’s a scary time. While I loved my time at university studying literature I now find myself wondering if I should have chosen a vocational subject, rather than one I feel passionately for. In my opinion it’s a sad day when young people have to think about doing something they don’t like for money, rather than risk learning about something they love with a bleak outcome at the end.

Thankfully my love for the written word spurred me on, and now I find myself in the incredible lucky position of interning at a very exciting communications and marketing company, DTCW Communications. It’s a field I had my eye on as I rapidly approached my graduation last year, but in the summer that followed as my emails and applications to established and glamorous companies fell onto deaf ears and into junk mail folders, I had just about given up. Then I came across the world of online start-ups and my eyes were opened to a whole new industry.

Interning and startups are a match made in heaven! Young graduates eager to learn paired with young businesses eager to help. And interning is so much more than doing unwanted jobs for little to no pay; you really need to shake that ‘coffee runner’ stigma off once you’ve entered the world of startups. Seeing as most startups are small, they need all hands on deck when it comes to building their brand; they aren’t going to waste your talents on menial tasks. Oh no, prepare to be put to work!

It gives you an amazing chance to get your foot in the door and learn from industry experts, many of whom got to where they are today by starting out as an intern as well (Bill Gates and Steve Jobs had humble beginnings as interns before they launched into the stratosphere). It’s completely changed my outlook from pessimist to optimist, and I can’t wait to keep learning more.

So my advice to any graduates-to-be out there, who are a little be worried about not having a career path laid out in front of you, as well as bootstrapping start-ups who need all the hands they can get their hands on, internships are priceless! They are worth an invaluable amount in experience for the intern, and a boost of precious manpower to the employee. And, if you find the right match, a lot of fun as well!

Here’s two sites to get your started! and

Good luck!