The 20s rut

I completely agree. I graduated straight into a bar job and for a while I couldn’t see myself doing anything else simply because I felt there was no chance i’d find anything. Gotta shake off that attitude and throw yourself out there. I’m still pulling pints on the weekend to make money but now throughout the week I’m working as an intern for a startup marketing company and loving it! Hopefully will be able to use the experience to drag myself out of the rut!


I’m 23 and I have friends at varying ages throughout their mid 20s and there seems to be a similar feeling of being stuck in a rut shared between us. It’s a feeling of being not a ‘proper adult’ whatever that means, being stuck in limbo between being a student and having moved on from this and having a proper career/ life path. Very odd.

First of all I don’t like the fact that we don’t define ourselves as adults, or ‘proper’ people existing in the ‘real’ world. Second of all how do you get out of this state of semi-student-dom? It’s all partly, I suppose, to do with what I’ve previously discussed about taking yourself seriously and presenting yourself as who/what you want to be. It’s a question of growing that extra set of balls (figuratively for men and double figuratively for women) that allow you to get by…

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Mars in ten years?

I’m half way through Kim Stanley Robinson’s brilliant Red Mars and until now I thought I was reading science fiction. This article from appears to tell me otherwise! Would love to see mankind make it to Mars in my lifetime, hopefully Mars One will make it happen but seems a little too good to be true. Possibly the most ambitious ‘startup’ I’ve come across though!