Shame on us? Why the power of social media must be used wisely

An interesting article on the dangers of snap decisions in the world of social media. I’m currently in the process of completely rethinking how I use social media, and this article brings up some good points to think about.


Looking back on the nearly 20 years since we’ve embraced the World Wide Web, the social media revolution is probably the most important thing that’s emerged from the medium. However, it’s pretty clear that we are not sure how to handle the power that revolution can allow us to wield.

We were reminded of this once again this past week by two separate stories: Adria Richards, a developer evangelist for SendGrid, was fired by her employer after tweeting a picture of two men at a Silicon Valley tech conference who she said were making inappropriate and harassing sexual comments. A firestorm erupted, as one of the men was fired from his job at Playhaven, Richards was subjected to horrifying abuse from anonymous internet trolls who were outraged that she used Twitter to shame men for making juvenile and inappropriate but not exactly hateful comments, and bystanders were left…

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